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Aluminum cutting machines are classified according to their driving methods.

Aluminum profile cutting machines have been widely used in the aluminum sawing process. At present, there are many kinds of aluminum cutting machines on the market. We can classify them according to the feed drive method.

First of all, pure pneumatic or cylinder-driven aluminum cutting machine: if this kind of aluminum cutting machine is unstable in feeding, the main reason is due to unstable air pressure, once this happens, maintenance personnel must first check the air pressure in the factory Happening.

Secondly, the air-lubricated aluminum cutting machine: the main working principle of this aluminum cutting machine is to realize that the saw blade travels through the air cylinder. If the feed is unstable, it can be studied from two aspects. First, check whether the pressure is stable and whether it meets the working pressure requirements; secondly, check whether the cylinder lacks hydraulic oil, and if it is lacking, it should be replenished in time;

Third, pure hydraulic cylinder-driven aluminum profile cutting machine: This type of aluminum cutting machine rarely has unstable feeding. If it occurs, it is generally due to the lack of hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder. The second is to check whether the guide rail is deviated.

Fourth, aluminum cutting machine driven by servo motor: If the feeding of this aluminum cutting machine is unstable, check whether the connection between the screw and the motor base is loose, whether the connection between the screw and the motor slides, whether the screw is balanced, and whether the guide rail is deviated, etc.