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Analysis of the new development direction of woodworking machinery industry

The current woodworking machinery industry has developed into a manufacturing industry with more than 120 series and more than 4,000 kinds of products, with an annual output value of over 10 billion US dollars. my country has already become a big country in machinery manufacturing, but in order to become a strong country, it still needs a group of high-tech standards and international standards that meet my country's technical requirements as support. In the current economic environment like China, the woodworking machinery industry must strengthen its own standard construction to adapt and meet the needs of economic development.

Global woodworking machinery is developing in the direction of improving wood utilization, improving wood processing accuracy, improving production efficiency and automation, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and pollution-free. With the improvement of the market demand level, the furniture industry has higher and higher requirements for standardization and specialized production of woodworking machinery, improving product quality, developing new varieties, improving labor productivity, and saving resources.

The development of my country's economy and the increasingly close cooperation with the international market have also promoted the continuous innovation and development of advanced science and technology. Mr. Liu Shuangde has been engaged in the woodworking machinery industry for many years. Total distribution of idle woodworking machinery! Perennial distribution of the world's advanced second-hand idle woodworking machinery from the United States, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, etc.!

The development of China's woodworking machinery must insist on going out, bringing in, absorbing foreign advanced technology, transforming traditional industries with information technology, and optimizing and upgrading them; taking scientific research as the guide, strengthening basic theoretical research, and promoting the technological progress of woodworking machinery manufacturing industry, products Continuously update and develop new products with independent intellectual property rights; we must carefully study the national conditions, base ourselves on the country, and take the road of self-development.

Specialized production of woodworking machinery is an effective way to reduce production investment and improve product quality, technical level and production efficiency. Efforts to realize the specialized production of products is an important means to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. There are many kinds of woodworking machinery products, and its production specialization is imperative. Specialized production is conducive to professional division of labor, so as to concentrate advantages in all aspects, and produce woodworking machinery products with high efficiency and high quality in a market economy; it is conducive to creating a good market environment and avoiding vicious competition; it is conducive to the individualization of services and adapting to production needs The instability is convenient for market procurement.

The high-end and branding of woodworking machinery production is the only way for enterprises to seek development. Only by attaching importance to intellectual property rights, protecting the patent rights of product inventions and creations, and encouraging design innovation can we promote the healthy development of my country's woodworking machinery and remain invincible in the international market competition.