B2B E-commerce three elements


Jun. 15, 2015

Company news

        Today, e-commerce in the ascendant since the e-commerce concept was put forward, such as e-commerce sites have mushroomed emerged. America AMAZON, 8848 and other domestic retail network, the US eBay and other auction sites have achieved great success, we will be classified as a B2C e-commerce, e-commerce but by no means limited to this, but with growth potential among enterprises (B2B) e-commerce, it was also referred to as the third generation of e-commerce. According to market research firm Gartner Group, said the 1999 global business-to-business e-commerce market size of $ 145 billion, is expected in 2004 will reach $ 7.29 trillion in size.

        B2B e-commerce is an information exchange and transactions buyers, sellers and their brokers to serve (such as financial institutions) between integrated together electronic mode of operation, is a continuation of past business relationships and business activities, and this business relationships are constructed on the basis of high trust and business on the contract, but the bulk of business to business transactions can play a greater extent the potential benefits of e-commerce, and through the supply of centralized procurement of automatic realization, distribution system efficiency The achieved. And with the widespread adoption of B2B e-commerce, business planning, production, sales and operating modes, and even basic social way of life of the whole industry will be a fundamental change.

        As the prototype of traditional EDI e-commerce as a business tool for trade, commercial documents such as orders, invoices, bills of lading, declarations, etc. according to uniform standards, the preparation of a computer to recognize and deal with the data format for transmission between computers . However, due to the need to implement traditional EDI EDI-depth knowledge of the concept, and the enormous cost, traditional EDI only between big business, big banks and big partners to get a better application. INTERNET huge development makes B2B e-commerce can be widely used, it is clear and traditional EDI private network or the Internet to run a considerable appreciation of difference INTERNET-based B2B e-commerce. The most important reason is a small-scale, local, loyal, expensive business concept to an open, among the public of, universal, inexpensive system.

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