Japan to challenge China high-speed rail two sides fought a fierce battle in Tha


Jun. 10, 2015

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According to Japanese and Thai media reports, May 27, Japan and Thailand two governments signed a joint investigation memorandum agreement on Thailand planned high-speed railway project, the two sides will introduce Japan's "bullet train" Shinkansen technology as the premise, carried out jointly by business investigations.

In 2016 the railway was first started in the second quarter, according to Thailand, "Bangkok Post" reported that after the signing ceremony, Japan next month to send a team of experts with Thailand railway joint research.

Destabilize China-Japan high-speed rail has launched "total war"
Thai high-speed rail for Japan to get large orders, the United States, "Wall Street Journal" commented that Southeast Asia will rapidly extend high-speed rail network over the next ten years, China and Japan are two high-speed rail technology exporter has launched "total war."
"Wall Street of Japan" also quoted a Japanese official statements, the recent moves in Japan, its purpose was "purely to compete with China or upset, this Southeast Asian countries should see clearly."

In Thailand, the Thai government in mid-December 2014 to build and Thailand reached a high-speed rail agreement, the railway will be from south to north, from the main deep-water port in Rayong, Thailand and Laos through to the border of Nong Khai, and has a branch connect to Bangkok, with a total mileage of 734 km, it is scheduled to start in September this year, put into use in 2018.

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